Meet the Potter

Artist Bio

Lily Petro is a ceramic artist who is currently based in Pennsylvania. In 2023, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts with a Emphasis in Ceramics from West Chester University. Lily discovered her passion for working with clay during a ceramics class she took in high school, where she fell in love with the ceramic process as a means to create both functional and decorative works of art. She currently is a ceramics instructor and studio technician at the Chester County Art Association in West Chester, PA.

Artist Statement

As a ceramic artist, my focus is on the intersection of form and function. Each piece is designed to not only be visually interesting, but also be used and enjoyed in daily life.
I create my work with functionality and durability in mind. I strive to create works that have a tactile and sensory quality that can only be experienced in person. The functional work I usually enjoy making include tea ware, dinnerware and decorative ware like vases and planters. My creative process involves throwing my forms on the potter’s wheel, trimming the excess clay at the leather-hard stage, and altering my pieces to achieve a specific look. I find the results from an atmospheric firing really beautiful. I love the process of firing ceramics to a high temperature, this way of firing is able to achieve an array of colors and texture in the glazes alone.
Ceramics allows me to express my love for form, color and process.My pieces are created through a process of exploration and experimentation, each piece is unique and one of a kind. Experimentation is an important part of my process as it allows me to not over think the end result. I found my love for stoneware and porcelain and high fired glazes by testing and experimenting.